Friday, September 9, 2016

Coming Back Stronger

Hey gang, I'm finally in a place where I am going to try and keep up with my blog again.  I have recently had my third back surgery and can I say I never want another (knocking on wood).  I know now that my pinched nerve was a blessing in form of shear torture.  I was no longer walking, or sitting up.  I could only lay on my right side and was getting very little sleep secondary to all the pain. I remember during one particularly long spasm(1.25 hrs long) praying that God would take away my pain and that if I had to have the pain to please make it manageable.  Shortly after that, the spasm let up and from that point on, my spasms were manageable.  I have been praising his name since that night.

As far as my scrapping going, I have been doing a lot of mixed media canvases and loving it.  I was fortunate enough to take a three day workshop with Anna Dabrowska, also known as Finnabair. 

 It was a fabulous class and we learned soooooo much.  Here are the practice pieces that I did.  Not too  back, I just need more practice.

 the one on top is actually the class example.  Mine is somewhere, I'll post it when I find it....
Here is my clock that I did...

well, I am done for today...  will post again tomorrow with some layouts that I have been working on.  Have a great weekend!!!  And Remember We have an Awesome God!!!!

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