Saturday, February 25, 2012

February ATCs

Its hard to believe that February is already over.  I participated in two swaps this month over on the Blissfull ATC blog.  I am really enjoying swapping ATCs with ladies from all over the US.  The theme for February was Its a Mad Mad Mad, Alice in Wonderland World.  This month my swap partner was Sonya Nelson.  I have already received Sonya's ATC, as well as, an envelope full of sussies.  Sonya sent along with her card a  shower of Cupcakes, lol.  Teach me to open a card while walking, lol…  Her ATC came at the most opportune time, as I have been taking care of my mom who fell and had a mild concussion in late January, so  receiving this beautiful ATC and cupcake shower perked me right up. Along with my card and shower Sonya also sent the cutest little Cupcake stamp.  Little does she know that I also love to bake and decorate cakes.  Here is a photo of the ATC Sonya sent to me.  

The Queen has Spoken is the name of Sonya's blog as well as her card, I'd say that worked out perfect, lol.  

This is a photo of just a minute portion of the cupcake die cuts that Sonya sent.  I love getting sussies in my envelopes.

As if I didn't already have enough on my plate with the committed monthly ATC swap, Mardi Gras balls and parades and taking care of my mother, I also decided to partipate in the Blissfull ATC's Winner Takes All swap.  This month, Jane won and she wanted the Theme to be the 60's.  So here is the ATC I created for Jane.  You can explore her blog here.  

I know its a bit fuzzy, sorry.  Here's to hoping that March is a bit slower for me, oh wait, what am I saying, this month I signed up for three swaps and a trip to Vegas, yie, yie, yie, why do I do this to myself, lol....

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Jane Wetzel said...

Hi Donna! OMG...THANK YOU so much for the awesome-esttt atc and goodie pack! :) LOVE them all!! jane :)