Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ATC Trades

Well since I last posted a lot has happened in my life.  The short story is I was admitted to the hospital on 9-19 with leg pains,  I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve at L5 S1 which after a failed nerve block I was scheduled for surgery.  So on 9-23 I had a Lami/fusion and spend a total of 16 days in the hospital with 5 of those being in therapy rehab,  But I'm home now still having nerve pain because the nerve was that pinched.  But before all this happened I was able to finish the September themed ATC swap and get it mailed out.  Mine went to a nice lady in Michigan,  I haven't received mine yet because she had bladder surgery recently.  So I though I would post mine.  The theme was industrial and the first thing that came to my mind was the Industrial Revolution, steel mills and clothing factories.  I first glued some gears down on the card then covered the entire card with medal tape,  Next I added more gears on top added a picture of a factory, added some watch springs and the title.  This is the one I kept for myself.  Ms Fran hasn't been able to post the one she got but it was very simila to this one, 

Next Again before my surgery, I signed up for the Oct. Swap wich was tv monsters.  How fun is that???  S0 this month my partner is Donna.  I have already received my ATC from Donna,  Thank goodness for me I had already started my card prior to my hospital stay,  I informed Donna I wqs going to be late and she graciously understood.  Well as of Yesterday her card was shipped.  So in the meantime I'll Post Donna's fabulous card.  I just love it. 
Isn't this the coolest card!! I love it!!!

I will post my Atc in a few days, after I know that Donna has gotten her package/ 


Brynwood Needleworks said...

It arrived today, Donna!!! I LOVE your atc!!! Thanks so much for all the wonderful goodies you included, too. I can't wait to play with them.
I'll be posting photos of your fabulous card tomorrow. I'm so glad we were chosen to swap this month.

I sure hope you're feeling better! Sending healing hugs your way.

Anonymous said...

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