Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Direction

Life is taking us in a new direction.  My husband and I have decided to open a Retreat House for ladies.  The Lazy Lucy Retreat House is in the planning stages.  We have been searching for a house for months now.  We find the perfect house in a not so convenient location, then the perfect location has not so perfect houses.  This is really, really frustrating.  We have a bid on a great house in a great location at the moment.  Why am I not rejoicing, We are second in line.  Our bid came right on the heels of another bid, soooo we are waiting for the bank to make its determination.  ARGH!!!!! I'm ready to get this phase behind us so we can move on to the actual grand opening.  Our website is up with an announcement page and we have a facebook page also.  So, mosey on over the both sites and check us out. 

More later.

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