Monday, June 21, 2010

Laissez Le Bon Temp Rouler

I can not believe it but I won a layout contest!!! This layout pictures my Grandfather playing his accordion. The smaller picture was taken at Festival Acadiens when he was honored as a pioneer of French Cajun Music. He began playing the accordion and fiddle when he was a young boy. He told me his father taught him to play the fiddle and one of the local legends, Joe Falcon, taught him to play the accordion. His father was the fiddle player in Joe Falcon's band and they would let my grandfather play the music while the band took their break. Another legend, Mark Savoy, once told me that Paw played versions of these great old french songs that no one else did. Mr. Savoy also told me what a wonderful accordion player Paw was. After my grandmother passed away, while cleaning out their house, we found a notebook filled with the classic french music my grandfather played. All of the music was written by him in french. One of those old songs, Let the Good Times Roll, was the perfect addition to the layout. Anyway, last weekend the scrappers voted this layout as their favorite. What an honor!!!

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