Thursday, October 15, 2009

Projects from the Studio

Its been a while, but life has gotten fairly hectic around here. We have been doing a very simple remodel in our guest bathroom. Well what I thought was simple, just slap some paint on the walls, change a light and some towel bars, add some crown molding and such. Well, its taken every weekend for a month now. Oh well, the outcome will be all I was hoping for.

I did sneak in some time to finish a few projects in between the bathroom redo. Here are some pictures

A shadow box I made for my father for Father's Day. Its based on the two page layout I did for myself earlier this year. The photo is of my father's parents.

A Father's Day present for Russell. The photo has no backing, so the wall color shows through and adds to the overall appearance of the layout.

Pictures of my grandmother, Germaine, at various stages of her life. My Great-Grandfather Alexandre Hebert is pictured in the first photo.

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Julie said...

How beautiful, Donna!