Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Few... The Proud...

I am so happy with this layout. I'm not sure if it's the actual layout or the fact that I'm so proud of my son. This is his boot camp graduation picture. I used the cricut cartridge "Base Camp" for the title. All edged were distressed and inked. The patterned paper is from Graphic 45.

I have only seen him a few time since he graduated from boot camp. After graduation he came home for about 10 days then he was off for additional training in North Carolina. After that he was moved to an airforce base for his MOS. He is now awaiting another transfer to a different MOS. He surprised me this past Saturday with a 3 day visit. I was so excited to see and feel him it was great. Of course, the time flew by. He only had 1 and 1/2 days to visit with me and more importantly all his friends, LOL. I took him back to the airport at 6:30 am on Memorial Day.

It was so nice to see people treat him with such kindness the whole time he was here. The restruant where we took him Saturday night, comped his meal after they found out he was a Marine on leave. Sunday morning he said he wanted donuts for breakfast, when the shop owner overheard us talking about what time he had to report back to base, he asked, what branch he was in AND again, comped our breakfast. When I took him back to the airport for his return flight, everyone who realized he was military, shook his hand and thanked him. It was soooo impressive to see.

Anyway, this layout is my tribute to his courage.

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Julie said...

How beautiful!!!
I am writing to you from the Army base where my son is stationed in Germany. He is leaving the Army after 5 years, and will start college and we are thrilled it is finally time he and his family come back home!!!

Your son is so handsome. It is great the guys get treated so well and with appeciation! I whole bunch (100's) of guys just returned from Iraq this week on this base.

Take care Donna-