Monday, March 16, 2009

Storage System for Cricut Cartridges

I have seen numerous systems for storing all those cricut cartridges floating around on the web and I finally decided that I needed to make one for myself. There's been a post that I saved I believe from the cricut message board using the snapware containers to store your cricut carts and handbooks in. I found my storage containers at Lowes after Christmas on sale 75% off so I bought two. Glad I did now.
I'll explain step by step what I did starting with my handbooks.

1. I tore out all the "extra" pages in my handbooks, you know the ones... the "ones" most of us can't read, all the "other" languages. By doing this, your books are considerably less bulky and you can fit more in your containers.

2. I used Fabulous Finds and George to make dividers the right size to go between each handbook and overlay. I used a lable maker for the titles. I glued my labels on each divider then used my Crop a Dile to punch holes for two eyelets. I didn't want to chance losing any labels. I also like the way it give it that old library cart catalog feel. Then I color coded my shapes, solutions carts with green and the fonts with gold.

3. I used the plastic canvas from Walmart. Got six sheets for less than 2 bucks to make the divider for the cartridges. I found those instructions somewhere online. Sorry I was bad and didn't save the credit info. But whoever you are I loved your idea the best.

The cutting directions are: I used a black marker to mark my cut lines first then just used an exacto knife to make the cuts.

You will need 7 strips of 59x10 (# of holes) Cut 5 holes deep @ 12, 24, 36, 48

4 strips of 39x10 (#of holes) Cut 6 deep @ 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 & 35 59x10:

You should see 59 rows by 10 rows so you’re cutting at 60 and 11. The same for 39x10.

I'm thrilled with the set up and the cost. Now if I'm designing with DS and just need the carts I can grab one container and I'm ready to go. If I want to cut from the books I can take all the containers to my work station.
And there you have it. My cricut storage system. The one that worked the best for me. I know there are others out there, but this is what I found that worked the best. Very sturdy.

Have an awesome day!

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